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 It’s Leeteuk's birthday yay! I feel bad cause I stopped celebrating all the other sjmembers b'days. BIASED!


Anyway, I can't believe I’ve stanned sj for so long now... so many things have changed but SJ=SJ. No matter what people say, they still stay strong and push through, with Leeteuk in the lead. even though he's 28 now. then again, age is but a number haha!

What I love about Leeteuk is that he's so freaking human, seriously. i mean sometimes he's a bit of a douche but everyone's douche-y in their own way, even me:) but even though he has his flaws, he does everything he can for SJ and everyone in SJ, even if it means sacrificing time and energy going on show after show. it's an amazing he hasn't collapsed yet but willpower is an awesome thing so, no surprise here:)

So, even as this day comes and goes, nothing will change.

Because Super Junior and their perfectly imperfect, amazingly wonderful, flawlessly flawed Angel Leader will persevere on forever:D

Happy Birthday, Angel Teuk.


one of my personal favorites. the 2 gods of SJ. their eyes, oh good lord♥
Tags: !event: suju birthday, !leeteuk/jungsu
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