cl0u6 (cloudyday2sb) wrote,

And I've got friends--

Haikus (aka random sentences jumbled together in a 5-7-5 syllable structure):


1. Rabbits waiting in
    The trees, their shadowy boots
    against the snow-ground.

2. You write the fire
    Into words. They pepper the 
    page with their black tongues.

3. Crackling blinks that
    Look like dragonflies. Eyes that
    see straight through the lies.

4. Wind beneath your wings,
    Joy that rides on broken strings. 
    the flight of the night.

5. Tip-tap, starlit room.
    Tears knocking on your window, 
    but there's no one there.

6. Frivolous feet on
    Bright, gleaming floors. They dance and
    leap lightly. Contact.

Random muse:

Tripping giggles in the midnight gloom
He paints a town of crystal gore
and sings it to the moon.

Addicted to JM. Dear Jack is a really beautiful movie/documentary.

Tags: @music, @randomness
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