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Written at 2.40am

sleeping late keeps you awake

sense that does not make

how i wish i could fake

for everyone's sake

aponderin the tides of time and men

(come on come on)

lets dance until you count to ten

and then i'll vanish into sand

my fingers melting in your hand

the moon is waning the starlights fade

into the deep water we wade

until the waves crash and the night ceases to exist

then we'll finally sit down, and talk about this

we'll talk about sunshine, and insects and people

how they are all one thing, this needs a sequel

i'm getting too tired to think of tricks

so i'll stab right into the truth and leave it as it is

my thoughts are running out the door

i kneel and pray, just before

the morning wakes and i can't catch the stars

so i wish them in my pocket, all the nears and fars


i think i'm drunk on applesauce

i can taste it in my throat

the wars still sting like a thousand fires

and we're trying to stay afloat

but in the end we're all okay

even if we're not.

but that's what we're gonna say

we're okay. okay.

Tags: @randomness
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